1lil_daydreamer (1lil_daydreamer) wrote in correct_french,

Please help me!


I need help with a bit of French for my book.  If any of you could help, I'd be quite grateful! 

A grown man working for the FBI goes back to his home city [in the USA] to work a case, and gets an unexpected call from his irate French mother [living in said city] whom he hadn't yet called and informed of his presence...

Here is what I'm trying to say:

Mom....Mom... I was going to tell you!  I'm sorry!  No, I was going to call right after lunch!    .....Yes.  Love you.  Bye.

Here is the consensus of what I've found online, though some translators translate it funny [which is why I don't trust it]: 

Maman...Maman...J'allais vous dire! Je suis désolé! Non, j'allais vous appeler après le déjeuner!   ....Oui.  ...vous aimez.  Bye.

...would a grow man say maman?  If memory serves, don't mostly kids say that? 

Thank you so much for any help!
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