Andrew (xcwqz) wrote in correct_french,

formulaire "demande pour un visa de long sejour"

Hey! Just wondering if anyone has experience with the form "demande pour un visa de long sejour." I'm an American and part of the language assistant program. I have a few specific questions regarding the form.

Regarding 16 (Profession) and 17 (Employeur), I'm assuming they want our American positions, but I wanted to verify that. Or is it the position I will be holding in France?

Question 21 says, "Je sollicite un visa pour le motif suivant:" Is the best response, "Travailler en France comme assistant etranger en enseignant l'anglais?" Is there a preferred wording?

Regarding question 22 (Quelle sera votre adresse en France pendant votre séjour?), my cooperating teacher has offered me housing in the school itself, but she is not in charge of housing. They are in a transitionary stage between principals, and so I don't actually have a secure position in their quarters yet. Should I put the school's address as my own? Or is it better to leave it blank?

Question 23 asks, "Exercez-cous une activite remuneree en France? Si oui, laquelle?" Again, about wording... is it best to write "enseigner l'anglais" or is there a preferred wording?

Regarding question 28 (Avez-vous des répondants en France?), I've never been to France and have no actual contacts there. I've met foreign exchange students, who I'm friends with on facebook. I don't know if that counts... However, should I ask for the requested information (nationality, adddress, telephone, etc...) from my cooperating teacher?

I appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks!!
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